Top Real Estate Developers in Dubai

Despite some yesteryear economic challenges in UAE, real estate continues to be one of the most robust and resilient industries in the country. Dubai has been among the top emirates that remains thriving with the real estate business, as it has proven to be adaptive to the some temporary while some perpetual changes in the market. While property selling is undergoing major changes in the region, the playing field has been leveled for both big as well as small property developers in Dubai, each catering to different market segments.

In the recent year, there has been a significant shift on the demand for real estate property. The sales trend has changed from high-end or luxury properties to low-priced middle-class properties. This is why established and new property developers alike have now shifted to creating quality yet affordable homes, hotels or commercial spaces to ride with evolving real estate market. Dubai has been a home to a significant number of local and international real estate developers that have been providing the best quality services to its clients. Industry giants in Dubai include Emaar Properties, which has been a consistent frontrunner in terms of market value, assets, profits and revenues. Following suit at the top developers list are DAMAC Properties, Nakheel, Dubai Properties and many established firms based at the emirate.

While profit figures are notably higher for these giant names in Dubai, there are also some newly established developers that are now carving a name and place for themselves in the market. Albeit lagging behind in terms of years of industry experience, these smaller firms have made their real estate projects attractive to their clients by highlighting each of the properties’ unique features, special amenities and facilities, flexible payment plans and other benefits.

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